Father graham’s retreat

A retreat to teach you the ways of Satan, for Gay men and families.

From only $32 a day.


   Experience the unordinary in a rain *forest, with fellow Satanists and Father Graham.

Experience the incredible


 A place for Gay* men, and families that want to be or are Satanists

*Gay men.

Father and sons, daughters***

Mother** and sons, and daughters***

**When mother and sons and daughters are at the retreat. No Gay guests will be here.

***any age, But for under-age special conditions apply.   

Satan and Father Graham wants you all. 


In 2016,  Satan gave Johan from South Africa, a vision of a retreat.

In 2019, Satan gave Casper from Belgium, a vision of a retreat, Several times.

In 2020, Satan gave Father Graham, from Australia, a vision of a retreat, Several times.

Christians, do you want help to Sin and not feel guilty at our retreat? Look at this page. 



This retreat is in the most beautiful and remotest country on the planet.

Set in an impenetrable temperate rainforest creates a safe and secure location, and it has a backdrop of Dramatic mountains with snow. 

You are here for the experience.

From Foods, driving on the left, climate, terminology, 

Foods. This is Not Spain, Middle east, Europe or North America, so don’t expect what you would eat at home.

Here we have Bathrooms and NOT restrooms, so don’t even ask for the restroom. 

Here we dont have Gas Stations and when you do go to a petrol station and if you ask for gas your in for a surprise because its only available in pressure bottle.

Forget about Democrats and Republicans here. 

For Breakfast we don’t have pancakes, Bagels, biscuits and gravy, Donuts and cream, if you expect them you will go hungry.

This is an experience to live as Father Graham lives, and how he has the energy and commitment to work for Satan and why he gets results.

eg If Father Graham slept in till 9 am everyday, he would miss out on 2 hours a day of important work for Satan. 


This is a respectable retreat. It is a location for teaching , learning and being with Father Graham and other guests in a safe and secure environment. What you do at home stays at home. It is not drug-fueled orgies.

Read this excerpt of a past guest

This is an excerpt from this report 

 Father Graham.

Im so excited to tell you that ive just got home and I’m coming back as I can’t stay away from being with you. But this time im going to be there with you for longer than 2 weeks. 

Just to be in your presence. In the hot jacuzzi, meditating with you, eat meals with you, driving to the restaurant, even watching a movie on TV,  the time in the office as you mentored so many men. I felt a strong energy radiating out from you.

And that bedroom of yours.  As I entered that room, I felt a strong energy, that when I walked in I had to just get naked and kneel at Satans altar. That was an extraordinary experience in meditation and now I am back home I have to come back as I can’t live without Satan and you.

The retreat was perfect.


My Experience at the retreat



Features of the retreat.

  • Communal Bedrooms.
  • Small groups. 3-4 in  house residents and 3-4 guests. Maximum 8 men. 
  • Welcome pack.
  • Father Grahams personal attention
  • Forrest walk 
  • Rain forest*. ( no snakes)
  • Private and secluded
  • Hot Jacuzzi
  • Special bathroom
  • Inductions 
  • Rituals
  • Satanic weddings
  • *There are No snakes in New Zealand 
  • Gay dad and sons
  • Mothers and sons

You are here for a new experience and unlike anything you have seen before.

We’ve done things differently, as this is no ordinary retreat. From the bedrooms to the bathroom and everything else in between are designed to enhance the Satanic experience.

This how this retreat plan operates

Your paid visit starts on the beginning of the month., if you arrive 7 days ion then you have chosen to not be here and you miss out on the first 7 days of you visit. 

The day you arrive, you will be very Jetlagged. 

After a series of long haul flights and time zones, the first night is to meet Father Graham and have dinner with him and Brother Mike and go to bed as by 8-9pm you are going to be beyond tired as your body wants to be awake.

The next morning is a low-key day to get over Jet-lag to be ready for the Start of your retreat experience.

You might say you don’t need a whole day to do nothing, but with flying halfway around the world, crossing so many times zones and the international date line you will need a day or even two of not much to do and get your body clock reset. But Father Graham need you fully prepared for inductions and Satanic instructions.

There will be meditation teaching and sleeping with Father Graham. 


*Rain forest wildlife, scroll down for more information.

This location is unique

Our Satanic Church is to be built 

We need donations


A Church built for Satan in a lush natural rain forest.

Rain forest and wildlife

There are NO Snake’s only four countries on earth, they’re Antarctica, Greenland, Ireland and New Zealand.

About 20 years ago someone thought they would have so fun. A man worked in a importing  warehouse in Auckland.

He said to a co worker ” I saw a snake come out of the carton over there”,  then the other workers looked for the snake and couldn’t find the snake. Then someone told a news reporter. Next thing it was on TV so the whole country heard about this snake. Then the prime minister even got on TV warning people if they see any snakes.

Then it was decided to burn the warehouse down. Then the worker admitted it was all for fun and prank.

The worker was fired and did a short time in prison for false information that caused panic in the country. Now that he’s done time in prison, he can’t travel overseas for ever. So living in a rain forest with no snakes is paradise.