“the retreat”


In the name of the Father, Son and the unholy spirit


Essentially a RETREAT for Gay Satanic men  who fuck  for Satan

You want to be here for different experiences


 Those that need to be reborn and sent on a new trajectory, and a transcendent experience. 


Visits by Demons. Levitation. Satanic visits. Supernatural visits, Fantastic *masturbation, incredible visions, orbs, light shows, hearing Satan speak, overwhelming Satanic sex, kneeling at the altar, plus many more occurrences.  Your soul might leave your body and look down at the spectacle on the bed

Satanic sex

Satanic sex is nothing like Satanic porn Sex. With Satanist its extreme as Satan makes our cocks and balls swell bigger for extended forceful fucking, with more cum more often and the lust returns very fast to fuck again. Ive seen our balls double in size and cocks swell 30% bigger and massive amounts of cum and the lust return a few hours later. Some hae experienced Satans hands on their buttocks to push them in deeper,

Make your booking and lets show you all this and more




Relaxation with gay men who sleep together


Relax with Satanic men that sleep together and love to worship Satan yet also live a life of freedom way from family or friends.





What you will discover.
Amazing location is a world heritage temperate rain forest in New Zealand.
A place of pleasure where no one sleeps alone.
Continuous sexual pleasure charged by Satanic lust day and night.
Fueled by poppers and the power of Satan from Satanic stars.
Fucking in the Garden, spa tub, that ends up in the sleazy dungeon* deep in the thick rainforest.  



Modern and thoughtful design yet tailored for the full Satanic experience.
Venue is relaxed and very private so all of us can fuck for Satan in complete privacy inside and outside .
New Zealand owned and operated by Father Graham.

This whole experience is very addictive . After lunch I go to my bedroom to meditate. The bedroom is black dark anytime. A guest comes with me. We get naked and pray at Satans altar then get into bed naked and meditate and be open to Satan. We masturbate. Sniff amyl, focus on the darkness. Call out to Satan, he often sends demons as we masturbate and open our minds to Satan. We might see orbs floating below the ceiling or even send us to another planet not of earth. Then its dinner time so we have a BBQ by the fire. Then get into the hoi jacuzzi. Fondle. Cuddle and play and talk about Satan and sex.

Then we go back to my bedroom. Pray at t he altar get in my super king bed and fuck as we call our Satan a name and your soul might leave your body and float below the ceiling looking down at the spectacular orgy of sex crazed Satanists calling out to Satan and blasphemy amd with expanded cocks and balls where tops crave to be bottoms and bottoms seek the pleasure of being on top .when we are exhausted we sleep.

During the night maybe at 3am we cuddle, kiss. Fuck. Then sleep. Satan increases libido for more praise to him. Satan increases our lust to fuck. Drink cum and praise him and realize its way better than using drugs

 Satan increases our desire to fuck. Drink cum and praise him and realize its way better than using drugs

What we offer that’s different to any other.

Fully private untouched rain forest that’s private and secluded
Cottages and buildings that focus on communal living.
All cabins and accommodation look out into the rain forest,
One cabins look out to a mountain that has snow in winter.
Courtyards, fire pit, hot outdoor jacuzzi/spa
No one sleeps alone and Fucking for Satan everyday with satanic forces


We encourage pissing anywhere outside on pathway or driveway. as we get a lot of rain and it washes away quick, and we all love to see men piss and we get tempted to drink.

Leather products


You are here to experience Father Grahams Satanic power and
Fantastic Satanic orgies
fueled with poppers and Satanic forces.
*Dungeon is from late July 2024
This is a respectable INN but with a strong Satanic influence, where a lot of Satanic worship and celebration orgies 

All are welcome. St8, Gay, trans.

 st8 needs to be aware that this is a Gay INN,
So you will sleep naked with gay men and included in gay activities,
you will get fucked by Gay men and be included in Gay sexual orgies
Wear your fantasy everyday, leather, crossdresser, Tradie or nothing.





This location is unique

Features in Father Grahams cave


  • Communal Bedrooms.
  • Small groups. 2-3 in  house residents and 2-3 guests. Maximum 6 men. 
  • Welcome pack.
  • Father Grahams personal attention
  • Forrest walk 
  • Rain forest*. ( no snakes)
  • Private and secluded
  • Hot Jacuzzi with rain water, no chlorine 
  • Special bathroom including dunny with views
  • Inductions 
  • Rituals


Lots of worship and unlimited orgies with Satanic power. 

You are here for a new experience and unlike anything you have seen before.

We’ve done things differently, as this is no ordinary INN.

From the bedrooms to the bathroom and everything else in between are designed to enhance the Satanic experience.

We encourage pissing anywhere outside on pathway or driveway, as we get a lot of rain,

  and it washes away quick, and we all love to see men piss and we get tempted to drink.




Set in a world heritage Rain Forest in New Zealand

Satan chose this location for people to learn and experience the satanic lifestyle with Father Graham, and to experience his supernatural powers day and night.


A place of teaching day and where all guests sleep with each other. 

Lots of Satanic Sex and poppers.

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