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At our retreat, there are no levels of comfort with bedrooms.

All* bedrooms will have no doors or dividing walls. 

No one is allowed to claim one bed to themselves, as each bed accommodates 3 men.

This retreat is the residence of Father Graham and Brother Mike that has been adapted for guests as a retreat. Father Graham and Brother Mike has access to any bedroom or location they wish and can NEVER be asked to leave.

Only one bedroom is private and only available for those that snore or have a c/pap machine. This room will need to be reserved at the time of booking. If you dont snore or have the CC machine, its not available to you.

*Father Graham’s bedroom access is only available to those that select it.  


Father Grahams books


You have chosen to come to the retreat to learn and experience that Satanic lifestyle.

There will be only one level of accommodation, and your level of bedrooms is not chosen according to your wealth. But there are three options for bedrooms. 


  • Have a bedroom in a separate building from the retreat,  thats included in the retreat fee,
  • Sleep in the same building with Father Graham, up the short passage. $295
  • Sleep in Father Grahams bedroom with Father Graham. $450

This is an experience not available anywhere else, where else can you sleep and fuck the other guests?. You have chosen to experience something extraordinary, and it is our aim to provide you with that. 

Bedrooms are for restful sleeping, yet as we are in bed together, loving will also be encouraged. Getting into bed naked is mandatory.
With the closeness of naked bodies, leading to lustful desires to take over any time of the day or night.

Father Graham could visit your bed at any time.

  • Optional extra 1. Sleep in the same retreat building as Father Graham. This advantage means Father Graham will visit you more often and is more convenient by having all facilities without going outside. Extra cost $295.

  • Optional extra* 2. Sleep with Father Graham exclusively with  him. Extra cost $450.

*Father Grahams bedroom is not just about a good sleep and extraordinary sex.

This bedroom is dark all day and night. Its a place of meditation and worship and extraordinary experiences. .

It has a strong Satanic presence with glow in the dark Satanic stars, or ultraviolet to have these stars glow and enhance your experience.

Pray at the Satanic altar.

We might watch porn and masturbate to your request of subject. 

Enticing Demons to visit us where they might massage us, make love to us.

Have Satan visit us, get into bed with us. 

Experience extraordinary Satanicly powered sex that’s inconceivably overwelming.

You might be controlled by Satan through Father Graham. 

You might see spectacular orbs float around the room.

All the above and more has happened in Father Grahams bedroom day and night, and it might any time e of the night.

You might see or experience nothing.

He has a super king bed with extra supports in the frame.  



Father Grahams bedroom


Bedroom near father graham


Communal bedrooms

The bedroom has one Queen and king-sized beds.  No bed is claimed by one man or a couple.



Most beds are king and queen, so several men will sleep together.

Naked in bedrooms and the bed is mandatory.


This venue is not suitable for Jealous couples.



The lobby and passage has Gay art.