Father Grahams bedroom

A bedroom like no other



Sleep with Father Graham, where he will teach you meditation in his learning center.

Extraordinary Supernatural things happen in Father Grahams bedroom.

Nothing can be guaranteed, but all these things often happen in this bedroom.

Visits by Demons. Levitation. Satanic visits. Supernatural visits, Fantastic *masturbation, incredible visions, orbs, light shows, hearing Satan speak, overwhelming Satanic sex, kneeling at the altar, plus many more occurrences.  Your soul might leave your body and look down at the spectacle on the bed

There will be a lot of Satanic fucking 24 hours a day.



Last night in meditation, Demons came to my feet, they put my whole body into levitation state, i felt their hands all over my body, my legs were glued together and i couldn’t separate them. My mind was in another world and I had to keep sniffing amyl to keep up the momentum. Satan didn’t visit me as he usually does, but I was like not on earth ad my cock and balls was big. I didn’t ejaculate as the situation was more important to experience. This has happened many times but each time this happens it gets more intense and lasts longer.

Last night at 11pm, I was masturbating and watching porn and praying and my legs got glued together.

Then I took a rest for 20 minutes.

Then I did the same, I fondled my balls and cock then watched incest porn, then my cock and balls swelled triple the size and I felt my cock about 30% longer, so I knew satan was about to give me something special.

I took 3 really deep breaths on amyl in each nostril, then I felt wave of energy cover my body.
Then my legs got glued together, the deeper I sniffed the more Demons arrived and I masturbated my cock really slow. I saw Satan and he said “You deserve something special” then the Demons picked me up and levitated my body. I concentrated on Satan and his eyes, and I saw orbs and images that i didnt know what they were. I kept masturbating my cock tip and the feelings were extreme and my cock stayed stiff. I had to groan with so much pleasure and I wasn’t in control, and my cock tip was alive and my hand slowly rubbed my tip on and on and on and I kept calling to Satan. This lasted a good 20 minutes but i lost all sense of time.

My brain and mind was in another world that i didn’t recognize and there were bright colours in every hue . The experience kept on going as demons were moving my body, I called out to a demon called Brain to fuck me but no one fucked me. My concentration was overpowered and in aura of the experience that just kept going then it slowly subsided and I felt so relaxed and having experienced a beautiful gift from Satan. Then I lay there in aura of the experience but I was greedy and I wanted it again, so I tried but it didnt happen. Then i did go to sleep. So tonight is another night. 



Last night, I was in bed watching porn. My demon came to me. He was at my feet, then I felt his body move the bed and he was by my knees and he made it known that hes there with me.  As I masturbated, I called out to Satan. Then after two hours of watching porn, sniffing poppers and masturbating and seeing a light show in the darkness.  Satan wanted me to ejaculate, then I looked at my cock and balls, and my Balls had swelled bigger* to produce a more cum and  my cock was swelled massive and I exploded with massive shots of cum as i kept shooting it on my body and my whole body went into an uncontrolled shaking and I passed out on the bed. I got the shakes and it took me about 10 minutes to recover and steady enough to turn off my phone.

*Im 8×6 or 200x150mm


You will have exclusive access with Father Graham for the whole night, you will be the only guest with Father Graham. During your stay you will have access every a few nights and at times during the day or with short term guests a few nights or several nights.

It is time to sleep, meditation and Satanic Worship and prayer will happen at any time of the night. Bring your own *poppers / Amyl, however Father Graham will share his. There will be top-quality Silicon lube.

Enhance your Satanic experience with Father Graham, to teach you and experience his supernatural gifts personally. Share your time as he infuses satanic energy into cock rings etc

*Father Grahams bedroom is not just about a good sleep and extraordinary sex.



If you want,Father graham might hypnotize you and put you into a trance, then Satan takes over and you might experience supernatural stuff, your soul might leave your body looking down at us fucking

You will be controlled by Satan through Father Graham. You might see spectacular orbs float around the room.




You might see some or all or experience nothing.

It is used any time of the day with Farther Graham present, and those that choose this option might be invited in any time of the day as Father Graham hears Satan’s call, and only those that have this option will be invited to experience.

  • Amyl Nitrate (poppers) is legal in New Zealand, but can only be bought over the counter with Doctors prescription. At the airport international border if found by inspectors it might be confiscated. Father Graham has that prescription, as he imports it from France, Europe in limited quantities