preachers, Christians and religious leaders

This page is to inspire you to come to the retreat and convert to Satan with the guidance of Father Graham.

If you would like to come to this Gay retreat and be funded by your church, I have this option.

Its a separate website that’s been set up to look like the genuine Christian conference website.  

For the real Christian Gay retreat,

read below.

Christians that want to become Gay Satanists. 

  • Do you thirst to Sin ?.
  • Thirst for cock .
  • Want to Sin day and night.
  • Endulge into Sinfull pleasures.
  • Call out to Satan as you get fucked.
  • Crave to drink piss from other preachers and Father Grahams Satanicly infused piss.
  • Bring you’re sons* with you. 
  • Be with your sons* in a place that encourages you.’
  • Watch your son being inducted on Satans altar and witness him get fucked by Father Graham.
  • Allow your son to watch you get fucked and sucked for Satan.
  • Want to be fucked the first time.
  • Want to kneel at Satanic altar, pledging your body and soul to Satan. 
  • Lay on Satanic altar and be fucked with Satanic cock and seed. 
  • Want a hard cock day in and day out.
  • Watching porn in bed with other Satanists fucking and sucking.
  • Being in bed and get woken up at 1am to masturbate for Satan. 
  • Kissing other ex Christian men that are now Satanists. 
  • In Father Grahams bedroom experience supernatural forces, by sniffing poppers and open your mind to Satans wonders. Optional extra. 

Ftr Grahams bedroom


  • Do you want to desecrate the Bible and experience the liberation?
  • Communal bedrooms where no one sleeps alone
  • Naked in bed is mandatory. No clothes in bed are permitted






This Christians GAY retreat, includes all the items on the left.  

As well as this, Father Graham ( who was a Christian ) will induct you to your own ritual to become a fully fledged Satanist, and go back home prepared to have your church congregation to fall into Sin as you have done and also to get brainwashed into Satanism.  

Bring your Sons with you. 

Satan loves Families. 


There are two optional extras

No 1. Share a bed in the retreat main building

No 2. Father Grahams bedroom access.

Just you have entry into Father Grahams bedroom. 

This is where you can experience and learn meditation and supernatural Satanic visits. 

This entry is for every 3-4th night of your visit.  

For exclusive entry $450



Retreat Option No 1 . Nine days $540



Retreat Option No 2. Sixteen days $880 


Retreat Option No 3 Twenty three days $1127


Retreat Option no 4 Extra weeks

Optional extras

Bedroom in main building $299

Access to Father Grahams bedroom. $450 

Bedroom Ftr Graham


  • In New Zealand, the legal age is 16. 

All these photos are of ex Christians and ex Christian preachers, all turned to become Satanists.

Do you want to add your Christian cock for Satan and tempting other men to fall into sin.


Website for a Christian leader’s conference. 

Father Graham has constructed a special Fake website for you. 

It is a website that’s been designed and setup for Christian preachers and leaders to attend the retreat, and have the blessings and funding from their own churches or clearance from their wife.

During 2023 there are several time slots allocated for this. 

  1. Late February. End of summer
  2. July. Winter
  3. October. Spring 

The website appears very genuine.

It’s also helpful if you intend to come on your own funding, but to show your wife/partner that you are going to go to this Preachers conference. 


The conference will be exactly the same program as Gay men except with different seminars tailored to you. Everything on this website will be the same as Father Grahams retreat, however for this program, there would be only Christian attending with keeping to the Terms and conditions of Father Grahams retreat.

Remember the whole website is not true and is just  a cover to help you get to the retreat with your wife or churches permissions and support. 


If you need funding from your church or need to convince your wife to allow you to come to the retreat, click on the link below for a FAKE website and show them that website.


Request the Fake website to