Dress code


We want you to have fun in a relaxed environment and be dressed for the temptation to take it further. 


Venue requirements

You have left home to experience new things, and at our retreat we want you to do just that.

This is an all-year venue, all seasons. Each season with a different dress code.

Staying at our retreat is an experience. Who wants the same as we do at home.

At our retreat, we want to share with you how Satan loves tempting people to indulge in lust and being free to whom they want to be. We encourage nudity and underware/speedos, however, seasons will obviously change that concept. But if it’s done correctly, then we will all enjoy it.


Summer, December – February
Autumn. March – May
Winter. June – September.
Spring. October – November

Below are just a guideline and suggestions and might be changed. 

 December, January, February.

Naked, speedos, leather harness, singlet, underware, cross dress.

 March, April. Brief and revealing as possible.

Underwear. Singlet, track pants and top. Leather and rubber wear, cross dress, underwear/speedos. This gives you a chance to wear these items every day. 

May, June , July , August, September. Track pants and top. Leather wear, chaps, harness, vest. Or Cross dress. Etc

 October, November. Brief and revealing as possible. Leather, Rubber wear, cross dress.

Underwear, speedos. Singlet, track pants and top. 


Indoor lounge and dining room
Minimum is underwear/speedos. 


Also if you have a fantasy as a cross dresser or leather. 
 Father Graham loves sparkles so he will be most likely be wearing sparkles, he might even wear a crown covered with jewels. Excluding the church and dungeon.


 Leather harness, vest and partly naked or totally naked only.
Father Graham will wear a red robe and maybe a leather harness at an induction.

Welcome pack

In your welcome pack is a cock ring, pendant and finger ring. It’s expected that you wear them at all times.

No sex in dining and lounge rooms, airport shuttle.





Wear your fantasy

Where else can you wear what your born to love?



Cross dress




Attire in summer in church, dungeon and outside and bedrooms in summer. 

Brother Casper



Winter attire for outside gardens and entertaining area, dining and lounge rooms. 

Brother Mike

Attire for summer and church and dungeon. outside entertaining area

Brother Mark


Attire for dining and lounge rooms

Hindy Mohamad


The only attire in bedrooms and in bed. 

Brother chuck


Minimum attire for Dining and lounge room

Father Graham