Inductions and other Rituals.



Rituals made special


Personal attention

We will tailor your ritual to what you want, with all options included at no extra cost 

We dont want anyone to miss out on a ritual designed for you.

Inductions can be performed in 5 minutes, or 20- 30 minutes followed by a celebration with witnesses. 

At the retreat we want your experience to be memorable, special and fun. 


Inductions are for people to commit themselves to Satan, to relinquish all religious brainwashing from their past life, and take on Satan as their lord and Savour.


We have a Gay man that wants his Male dog to be committed to Satan. 

Another man wants to be committed to Satan with him and his son.  These dad/son rituals are powerful and you might find that your penises will be stiff beyond normal. 

These can be an extraordinary experience. 

Each commitment ceremony is guided by Satan and often during the ceremony Satan will change it. 

Detials below

Re-commitment ritual

This is similar to Inductions, but it reconfirms once commitment. Maybe they have strayed and tried to go back to their previous religion but can’t break free, or they feel that their first attempt wasn’t very successful. 

This option will be for those that committed to Satan at home alone, but now they are at the retreat they want to experience a Ritual with Father Graham in this special magical place.

Special rituals

This might be an anniversary of their commitment. It might be for added determination to serve Satan better

For our guests that are fully committed Satanists, this will be tailored for them.


This is a detailed description of an inducting with Father Graham


This is a detailed description of an induction.
An induction is your first-time commitment to Satan.

Some of our guests have waited years to be inducted by Father Graham at the retreat. 

This is a serious decision for you to make. For Father Graham, who will conduct the induction, No induction is an act.

All inductions are very serious and during an induction, Father Graham is so connected to Satan that he will be guided by Satan during the ceremony, and often the ceremony will be changed as Satan instructs Father Graham.

Before the induction, you will be given an opportunity to discuss your specific requests for decor and setup. EG


Background music


Witnesses or no witnesses





Also, you will be given the opportunity to include specific words in the induction prayer. You might want to fuck your mother, or the local preacher, or any other perversion, or as i did, was to become a Satanic mentor. 

For the induction, you might like to wear a  harness. a  jacket, or vest as long as you are naked. 

Where possible we will record everything at the retreat for men to see and understand what a Satanic retreat is about. 

When you come to the retreat, you will receive a  welcome pack. In that pack is a red and black cock ring, finger ring, pendant and banner

All these items will be included in your induction

You will be wearing the cock ring and the other items will be included in your special occasion.

The cock ring, pendant and finger ring will be presented to Satan to have him infuse his power into them.  

If you select spectators, they will be at the ceremony and altar. 

Your banner will be placed on the floor in front of the Satanic altar. You might have selected one candle for lighting or red defused lighting or ultraviolet lighting.

You will kneel on your banner facing the Altar.

I will be wearing a red Robe that’s been specifically designed by Satan.

I will stand behind you. 

You will read your commitment prayer. * Then halfway through the prayer is a silent period to feel the Satanic presence.

It is very likely you will feel Satans presence

Then you will pray in your own words or use mine. Then I will stand in front of you with my back to the altar, and you stay kneeling facing the Altar.  Then I will ask you to suck on my cock. I will then pray with one hand on your head or shoulder and the other up in the air with the Satanic finger sign. Then I will ask Satan’s power to go through me and into you through my sucked cock. 

Then I will get you to stand up and lay on the altar. Then I will fuck you in Satan’s name. Then Mike and any visitors.  Then we will go and worship Satan in our orgy room.


This orgy will only finish when you are ready to stop.

This celebration might last hours. Satan gives tremendous strength to delay ejaculation and when you do Satan might grant you with instant lust to go at it again and again and again. Satan always makes our genetials swell bigger for producing more cum and harder cocks for longer lasting fucking, he also gets into your body sop as you get fucked he opens your hole wider to accommodate the swelled cocks and with all pure pleasure that’s humanly imposable to describe.

Then, when all guests are finished, its very likely that we will all go at it again, as Satan increases lustfully desires. 

There will be lot of Satanic fucking, and everything Satanically charged which is often inconceivably overwhelming.