Satanic inductions

Ive heard of some wacky ways that men try to commit to Satan. And there is one in the USA that charges thousands of dollars to commit to Satan yet its all an act and you pay for the showmanship thats devised by the mans partner behind the curtain. Some think that an induction is all about sex and that to have sex on a Satanic altar is enough. its not.

Inductions in the cave at “the Retreat”

An induction is a very serious ritual, it lasts about 15-20 minutes, i can do one in 5 minutes but i like to make it more powerfull and long lasting and Fun . follwed by an celebration orgy with all guests

Its a moment in your life that you will remember all your days and I believe it should be as memorable as possible. Its a reverent time, a time of quietness, feeling Satan’s power and his presence as it about you and Satan connecting in a wonderful and unusual an exciting way. 

As I guide you, I am guided by Satan. Its all about you and your commitment to Satan. After that part then the celebration begins, away from that Satanic altar to a bedroom with a large super king bed. The only structure to that celebration is that I will parodically kneel and pray and I might be guided by Satan to have you or all of us kneel at another altar and pray, otherwise its the orgy.

Father Graham

Satanic high Priest

Carl Goodwin


Joseph Wagner



Prior to the induction I will get the new pendant, cock ring and finger ring and perform a ritual with you present. That will be to get Satan to infuse his energy into those products.

Then before the Induction ritual begins the energized cock ring will be fitted on you by Father Graham as he chants Satan’s name.

Before we do the induction, I will make suggestions to you such as do you want bright light, ultraviolet light, Candles, subdued red light, incense, low sleezy background music like Iron Maiden. You might like to wear a leather harness or vest, collar. as long as your naked With video recording as some might want their face covered with a mask.


Commitment ceremony

There is only one first time, so do it right.  

We will all l be naked, You will kneel at the Satanic altar facing the Satanic star. Father Graham will stand behind you with his balls and cock on your shoulder. Any guests will stand nearby as witness.

  During the induction i will guide you

You might be instructed to suck my cock.

One induction Satan got me to have the recipient to get on all fours and for me to mount him and rub my cock and balls on his back. 

Then after the induction we will all go to the celebration bed to fuck in Satans name under a large star on the ceiling while i will generate Satanic power in all that are there


What I do know is that the commitment prayer that i have devised has a 100% success. 

What I do know is that the commitment prayer that I have devised has a 100% success.

This is an exciting time as its between you and Satan. Your breathing might become heavy so in the middle of the prayer I tell you to stop the prayer in the silence and feel Satan’s power for a minute or two.

At this point Satan might make the Star pulse like heart beat (hes done that for me), anything is possible, but I do it this way to your compose for the next part of the prayer, then I instruct you to lay on your back on the altar.

Then I will shout out to Satan and only Father Graham is permitted to be your first Satanic fuck .

You might feel your headspace will be like in another world as you feel Satanic cocks entering you. Each fuck is a short fuck neverless its a Satanic cock.

Then we go to Father grahams bedroom.


The commitment prayer is divided into two parts, the first part is the actual commitment and you will say each word as ive used, the second part is your words. With me I asked Satan to bless me so i could help men to commit to him. You might want to have Satan gift you to fuck your brother, or all Catholic priests. Or you to focus on destroying Christian marriages. This part can be anything you wish.

Also part of the commitment you will tell Satan your preference for a Demon to be assigned to you, tell him in great detail. I told him i wanted a demon to be 7feet tall, a hairy man with a big cock and hands that are gentle and soft loving hands and a man that will protect me and make beautull love to me. Satan sends this man to me always, hes not fucked me as I wanted more than a fuck.


All on Video

A website is being constructed for unrehearsed Satanic videos, induction preparations, inductions, Rituals,  Satanic Worship, Satanic orgies.



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