Location and

Getting here

We want to share an experience.

  • For fucks sake get travel insurance.
  • Allow “too” much time between connections.
  • Dont overpack luggage.
  • Pack some basic cothes in hand luggage.
  • Have debit and credit cards with your money rather than bringing cash.
  • American dollars are worthless in New Zealand, so get it changed at the airport. 


After you have selected the date and paid the appropriate fees for the retreat, then you will be given the final destination airport.
You will fly into Auckland or Christchurch, New Zealand, with the 2nd to last airport as Christchurch, then there is one more short flight.

Because of security, the final destination airport will only be supplied upon application


Airlines to New Zealand

Airlines that fly to New Zealand are Air New Zealand and Fiji airlines. Plus Qatar. Emirates, Qantas, American Airlines, United and Hawaiian, Singapore airlines and many code share.

Air New Zealand* now have direct flights from IAH, LAX, ORD, SFO, YVR, SIN, JFK. 
American airlines have direct DFW to Auckland. Hawaian airlines fly direct from Hawai.
Latam from Chile, have direct flights to Akl.  
Fiji Airlines often have the cheapest seats from the USA as they are not direct, and poor after sales service. I don’t recommend this airline.
United fly direct from SFO. 
If you fly in Delta, Qantas  you will fly via Australia which adds more flight time and layover.
If you’re booked on flights to connect with a long distance flight, allow plenty of time to get that flight. Because if you leave it to a fine schedule missing that flight can cause you great stress and cost to you.  Allow plenty of time** or arrive the day before that long distance flight. Our first guest didn’t have enough time for the long distance flight and missed it and had tow ait 2 days at LAX.


 ANZ now have 5 classes and are soon to have 7 flight classes. 
*only Air New Zealand have the lie flat bed in economy

Airport transfer

Our shuttle bus will collect you from the airport. And your experience starts as soon as you board the shuttle chariot to go to the retreat. The retreat is 110ks away so finding you’re own way is difficult
Father Graham will greet you at the airport and travel with you in the back of the bus, to get to know him before you get to the retreat, with a 70 minute drive over a small mountain range. Weve removed seats for more space.   (No sex). 




From any country, you MUST fly or come by cruise ship. We are very close to Antarctica. 

The country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, with the Tasman sea from Australia. It is impossible to build a bridge to Australia, as the sea is too deep and too far.  

The 2nd last*** destination airport is Christchurch, New Zealand

It is 11 hours from Lax, the closest American port. From Europe, it is about 30-40  hours with layovers. But when you are here its worth all that flying, and those long flights aren’t even a consideration. 

You are coming to the retreat for an experience. The last thing you want to do is miss the first two days and nights because your body wont go to sleep at night time when your body thinks its daytime. You will travel cross many time zones.  Mike and I have flown these routes many times and from experience we do know the advantage up upgradng.

So try to upgrade to a flat bed* in coach and get 5-6 hours sleep, pay for the Club lounges and have a hot shower and good food en route, and you will arrive ready for that first night and day.

Plan to arrive on the first Monday of any month, New Zealand. The Tuesday is low activity day to allow you time to get over Jet lag to start the retreat programe on the Wednesday.

You can stay up to three months on a tourist visa, but if you decide to stay longer, you can apply for an extension for another three months and up to twelve months. 

New Zealand is one of the most remote and beautiful countries on the planet.

James Cameron, the Hollywood movie producer, has moved his family because of it’s the safest and the most beautiful country in the world. 

*Only Air New Zealand offers a lie flat bed in economy (Coach). 

*** Upon your selected plan and payment , you will be given the final details for that final flight 



Flight options

We suggest that you only fly Air New Zealand, (and there is no kick back for this promotion). We know from experience that Air New Zealand offers the best service in all classes of travel. Mike and I have flown the Pacific route at least 30 times, and as this is an experience, you need to arrive refreshed by having a good sleep on the aircraft on that 10- 29  hours of flying and layovers.  

Also Air New Zealand have direct flights from many ports around the world that saves time and energy. Most North American major airports including New York City . Also they have several options for classes that other airlines dont. 

Mike and I have flown this route at least 30 times and we suggest selecting Premium Economy for comfort space and food and attention, or economy sky couch and have lie flat bed. 

There is Business and Premium Economy and Economy sky couch or Basic economy . We have enjoyed all these classes, but the more money you pay, the better sleep and service you will get.

Air New Zealand also fly from New York City direct to Auckland. On this flight you really need that sky couch. To have a lie flat bed in economy for an estimated 18 hour direct flight, you need a bed to yourself because an 18 hour flight is exhausting, and by the time you get here you will miss out on the first two days because you want to sleep.

Below I have explained the various options. As it’s not as simple as getting the cheapest airfare and regretting it when your on the aircraft on a long haul flight.

They have Economy. Economy sky couch, Premium economy and Business class and Business plus.

Then if you really want to have some fun before the flight and on layovers, join their Koru club. Who doesn’t want to be away from thousands of people in a small quiet lounge with load of fabulous food and bathrooms with showers. 

Below I dont show you economy (Coach) as that don’t need any explanation. 

If you cant afford to upgrade,  get an Exit row seat and come a day earlier and join the Koru club for lounge access.




Premium Economy check-in

Experience a check in counter separate to the usual check-in counters, with an exclusive  experience.  



There is Business class for those that want a lie flat bed { better than a sky couch} and super service

Premium Economy

Forward of economy with a cabin of about 30 people and two attendants. Ample room in front of you to stretch out with more recline. Also better food like they have in business class.  Start with hot towels and a drink before aircraft departs the gate.  And you wont have to que up for the bathroom. Or wait for a flight attendant for a free drinks . 

Our first guest at the retreat has booked in this class.

Economy Sky couch

This is designed for two people. However, it can be also for one person.

If one person purchases two and a half seats and you get 3 seats. You also get the added bonus of the sky couch.

The  3 seats convert to a lie flat bed. You will get a mattress and two pillows and a quilt. . Its worth every dollar to have that lie flat bed and sleep on a long distance flight. 

It is not a full length bed but its a bed.  

Koru club

Just imagine this and you are in any class including economy. You go to the Air New Zealand counter check in and then go to the exclusive  Koru club lounge. There might be 30-50 people there. You go to the bathroom and have a hot shower. Then go to the quiet lounge for some good meal of good quality. Then find a quiet place with a comfortable seat and rest or lay down and sleep. Then after a long haul flight land in Auckland and go to the lounge for a hot shower and have super breakfast, then fly to Christchurch and go eat a fabulous lunch in the lounge before the last flight which will be fantastic mountain views, and be greated by Father Graham for this tremendous experience having had few hours sleep. 

Its the best deal and money well spent to live as they do in business class. 

Koru club



Koru club

This is the ultimate enjoyment away from thousands of people in the lounges. Comfortable seating. 

Food in Koru club

Great selection of food and alcohol inluded. 


Koru club Bathrooms

Bathrooms with shower and luxury toiletries.



Customs and regulations

If you have committed a crime or been in prison, you will NOT be allowed into New Zealand. Dont try to evade this regulation


If you use Marijuana or any illegal drug. It is suggested that you stop using it at least 14 days before you come here.

Purchase brand-new luggage, and DO NOT have any trace of drugs in your luggage, wallet, computer or shoes. Dont borrow luggage from someone. *  Illegal drugs have been found in luggage won as a prize in online competitions. 


Our First guest did not get travel insurance. His luggage was left in the USA. Had he had insurance he would be given a few hundred dollars for emergency purchases such as clothes. Also If you need a doctor or go to Hospital You need insurance for those costs. If you need to go to hospital and have no insurance you might have a bill for tens of thousands of dollars, and just leaving the country will not be a deterrent.  No Insurance could mean a nightmare holiday. Brought on by your stupidity

  • Leave all your drugs at home.
  • Stop using all drugs two weeks before departure.
  • This venue is smoke and drug-free.  If you do smoke or Vape, you will be asked to smoke off the venue. For many years Father Graham had to dispose of used cigarette butts and hes not doing that again.
  • The cost of cigarettes in New Zealand is at $47.50 – $52.00 a packet..

An American couple flew out for a vacation to Australia. At the border, they were inspected, and the customs found traces of Marijuana, then they found enough for them to use while on vacation.

The Girlfriend said “This is legal in California”, and she thought it was hilarious and burst out laughing.

When the boyfriend was handcuffed and taken away, it wasn’t so funny. She didn’t even have time to say goodbye.

She had the vacation by herself, and he is still in prison. When he has finished his time in prison for five years for traficking drugs, he will be deported with a criminal record and will NOT be able to ever travel internationally again.