My Retreat experience

Now im back home Im organising to come back for much longer time.

Your direct connection with Satan is extraordinary and I crave for more. 

Im coming back to learn and worship Satan with you and Mike.


Brusseles, Belguim

 Father Graham.

Im so excited to tell you that ive just got home, and I’m coming back as I can’t stay away from being with you. But this time im going to be there with you for longer than 2 weeks. 

Just to be in your presence. In the hot jacuzzi, meditating with you, eat meals with you, driving to the restaurant, even watching a movie on TV,  the time in the office as you mentored so many men. I felt a strong energy radiating out from you.

And that bedroom of yours.  As I entered that room, I felt a strong energy, that when I walked in I was compelled to just get naked and kneel at Satans altar. That was an extraordinary experience meditation and now I am back home I have to come back as I can’t live without Satan and you.

The retreat was perfect. It wasn’t about comfort or luxury, as the experience was way more powerful than that. 

Being able to say Satan’s name and fuck in the forest I didn’t get enough of and I need it now. And to learn more about Satan and the ways of Satan through you, You obviously have direct connection with Satan and I need more. To witness  demons attending to your welfare and Satanic experience was something that I can’t erase from my mind.  I crave for more. I cant stop thinking of my time there with you. 

Casper B, Brussels Belgium




My Retreat experience

Its just two days and I am now back home in Freezing Dallas, TX USA

I went to the retreat to learn more about Satan and be inducted by Father Graham, and experience supernatural sex in Father Grahams bedroom that he gave me as a gift. To be hypnotized by Father Graham, so then I would become the Satanic whore I desperately craved.

As I was greeted at the airport by Father Graham and Mike, I instantly felt a strong power and energy of Father Graham. 

Barry C

Dallas TX USA

My devotion to Satan 

that now seems like a lie


After so many hours flying to New Zealand I was exhausted for two days, then once I got over Jetlag, I enjoyed the Rain Forest and the beautiful scenery where the retreat set and I loved hearing the beautifully birds singing every morning. 

One morning at 1am, I went outside and saw the clear start night sky. I was mesmerized at how clear the sky was in the Southern Hemisphere, where the skies are so unpolluted. I’ve never seen stars like that.

I couldnt falter the home made meals, snacks, british scones jam and cream, that as made by father Graham and the Satanmass dinner (Xmas dinner).

As I have medical issue so I was offered a separate Cabin which was perfect.

But I didn’t feel ready to commit to Satan like i told Father Graham. I withdrew from My Satanic desires. I refused Satanic Sex with Father Graham and Mike. I refused to kneel at Satans altar. I refused to be hypnotised by Father Graham that I desperately wanted. I refused to have breakfasts and even rejected some meals, And I even refused the gift to be in Father Grahams bed for meditation and Supernatural Visits. 

All the time Father Graham and Mike were gracious and hospitable. 

But as I knew I broke too many rules that are well laid out in the “Terms and Conditions” I had to leave the retreat well earlier than planned or get evicted.

Now im back home in Dallas freezing winter, I realise how stupid I was to give up such an opportunity to be with Father Graham and learn from him and that as their Guest at their retreat in New Zealand, and that ive missed on the greatest opportunity that I cant have again.   I was meant to be there for four weeks but was asked to leave after 5 days and changed my flights to 5 days later.  Now back home in freezing winter, I could have still be basking in Summer with Father Graham.

As the retreat is not completed I was offered at dramatically reduced price and now I feel so Stupid that I cant forgive myself. Father Graham I now wish I listened with more intensity to the amazing supernatural reports you told me and I’m sorry for not turning off my phone, I now realise how rude that was for me to do that. 

I also know that Father Graham was not happy how I reacted against Satan and the whole satanic experience, and now I fear that his new gift of Punishment for the lies and my deceitful things I did against him and Satan.  

Father Graham, Im so sorry for not keeping to my promises and to come back home as a Satanist. 

Barry C

Dallas TX. USA

December 2022



Note from Father Graham

In reply to Barry CA

All these are the facts.

When we met him at the airport he was in a wheel chair, as he found the long distances to difficult to walk. Then he needed the cabin bag handle to lean on as we walked to the carpark. 

One day he went for a short walk. Two hours later we found him at the caffe, which is a 2.5Km walk one way, *5 kms return with no footpaths. *About 3,5miles. He arrived at the retreat 5 hours later with no apologies and didnt want to eat our meal that we prepared to include him, he did this twice.

He came to the retreat to be inducted to Satan and be part of everything Satanic

He arrived in New Zealand and had only US$200 in cash to stay with us for many weeks. His told me that his only card with a credit of $1, he had no travel insurance, his baggage was lost and his cabin bag overweight 

After the prepaid 1st week, he promised to pay us US$200 a week.  Instead he begrudgingly paid $70.

He refused to sleep in Father Grahams bedroom (a gift from us of $450 value) . He refused to have SEX, he rejected to be part of the Satanic instruction. As I described one Satanic experience, he didnt put down his cell phone as he communicated with someone. 

This man arrived with not enough money for his return flight.

He said he had no pin number for his cards, then 40 minutes later withdrew $70 and then said yes he has a pin number.

We asked him to go home to Dallas early and he didnt reject that suggestion.  

As he didnt keep to the T&Cs he nearly got evicted. Mike stopped me from evicting him.

He borrowed money from people in the USA.  With that money he used it on Himself for chocolate biscuits and didnt even offer one to us as he ate the whole lot himself. 

This man is Selfish, a liar, Fraud and cheat. I have asked Satan to punish him severely. 

Footnote, to any guests that when payment is made you agree to the T&Cs   



My Retreat experience


My experience at your retreat I was open to anything .

What I wanted was to learn from you and indulge into the Satanic lifestyle so as to apply it to my own life. I now know that its got to be the best money I’ve ever spent and beats a new car as this experience with you was way more lasting and fun as the novelty never fades. 

Frank G

Palm Springs. USA


Father Graham 

Now I am back in the states, I just have to send you this review now. 

When I left home and was flying at one time I thought , “What the fuck am i doing?, what if I fly all this way and your fake and not there to take me to the retreat”. But I thought its too late to think this way. When I arrived, seeing you and Mike my inner feelings were excitement.

I loved every minute with both of you. Now that im home I want to be with you now. Its so intense that I am now trying to work out how to go back to you, rather than wait 12 months for my next annual leave as I can’t wait that long. 


The presentation of the retreat was better than I expected. It was simple but I felt comfortable from the entrance. First impressions sets the scene and my first impressions from the front gates then up that magical drive through he rainforest, then walking through he forest in that walkway, I knew I will not be disapointed. 


The food was fun to experience a new culture, and not having donuts or pancakes for breakfast was different but a great experience. Vegemite for Breakfast with home-baked bread, the little treats during the day such as scones, jam and cream and that Pavlova.


But the best part was the induction followed by the celebration. Fuck what an experience. I’m now so glad I chose to not become a Satanist at home last year.  Using the ultra violet light was perfect, it increased my satanic presence for me. 

Ive never thought that Bathroom could be so sleazy, powerful, and Fun. 

Those times in the hot jacuzzi was good times to be close to everyone  

Then those nights in your bedroom is hard to describe in words except for extraordinary and not humanly possible. 

And to be able to fuck outside and call out Satan’s name was an experience that i cant do at home


I find it difficult to not praise what you’ve made for Satan. 

See you in a few months 

Frank G

Palm Springs, USA




My experience at the retreat

Father Graham

Your retreat is underdescribed. 

It took me a long time to come to the realization that I needed Satan in my life then i was faced with the option of coming there to have you induct me


Jack F. Devon U

Hail Satan

Father Graham

What an experience at your Retreat. 

It took me a long time to come to the realization that I needed Satan in my life then i was faced with the option of coming there to have you induct me. 

Man was that an experience. When i was kneeling at the Satanic altar and you walked in wearing just the leather harness and red robe, my heart rate gout heavy and was beating fast with the anticipation of whats coming, 

Then to have it all recorded to glorify Satan was beyond words

I will NEVER forget the experience. 

I cant thank you enough for making this retreat so affordable. For only $400 a week with everything included is obvious you’re not doing it to make loads of money.

From the food, presentation, accommodation, and facilities its all I wanted without luxury.   To my experince its way better than any luxury. 

Hail Satan

Jack F. Devon UK

Father Graham 






My experience at the retreat

Father Graham.

I feel I had to write this report of my experience at the retreat, which was extraordinary and beyond expectations


It has been just five days since I left you in **Australia, and it already seems like a month. I came to learn from you as Satanic priest. My very goal is to experience everything I can and learn about you Father Graham in order to be closer and build a deeper relationship with Satan.

My conversion was over a decade ago and I’ve already done a recomitment ceremony on April 6th 2019. That said, I still felt drawn to visit you even though I had a pre-scheduled trip to Fort Lauderdale for the annual pigfest. I’ve waited three years to be able to go to that event. But Satan told me that I must  come see you instead.

Even though it was a huge risk with 30 hours of flying and a great expense in time, effort and money—you don’t know when you will wind up in someone’s stew pot or subject to a con man, But it was worth every penny and all the effort. It paid back ten-fold.

I have returned invigorated, challenged, inspired, focused, rested, relaxed, and my only thoughts are when and how do I get to return to visit Father Graham and Brother Mike.

The trip went so fast. I felt so welcomed by you guys and you opened your world and your hearts to me to see how a Gay couple lives. Your ministry of a focused but beautiful path is inspiring. I will not forget what you demonstrated in the many paths to the unity of the one. I felt safe and in unity with you the whole time.

It was an incredible feeling like we all three clicked quickly almost like we had known each other in a previous time. You are genuine Satanists and the unity of the brotherhood is with you…I was so comfortable and relaxed and have never laughed so much.

The afternoons by the spa were awesome and I loved going into town with you and Brother Mike for a drink and an aussie meat pie, and coffee in the mornings.

That said, you put me through the paces working hard in the office to work with you as you communicated with your followers, we drafted another book* together, reviewed your ministry webpages. I learned at your feet, experienced the power of your Prayer to the Father, saw an initiate brought to Satan, and we pierced the veil of the Astral Plane together.

I’ve never experienced so much growth—Gnosis, in so little time. I feelHe has a special purpose for you.

Your Brother Always,

Malthorpe, Florida USA

**Retreat was in Australia. but now its in New Zealand 

* Now incorporated into my ebook „ a new age“ pages 90-99